Building Dlls and exports(gcc & lcc)

Eric Britten
Wed Apr 23 12:34:00 GMT 1997

Recently I tried to build a very simple Control Panel Applet Dll with both
gcc and lcc.

For gcc I use dlltool to create an import library simple.a and an export
file simple.exp

Then when I link using
ld -e _DllEntry@12 -o simple.cpl simple.o simple.exp -subsystem windows

I get the error:
simple.exp:  fake: can't find CPlApplet

My simple.def file was

CPlApplet is defined in simple.c as

CPlApplet is the function Windows that calls to run the applet.  It must
be a stdcall function.  So in the def file I changed CPlApplet to
_CPlApplet, _CPlApplet@16 and CPlApplet@16.  CPlApplet@16 worked, there
were no link errors, but now the exported function is CPlApplet@16 instead
of CPlApplet so windows can't find the right function to call to run the
applet.  Although the link worked, when I ran the applet using control
panel, the applet crashed.  I'm not sure why.

Can I export a stdcall function without the _ and @n name mangling?

I also tried the same thing with lcc.
lcc -c simple.c
lcclnk -dll -o simple.cpl -subsystem windows simple.def

I get the error Can't find starting address.

Can anyone help me?

		Eric Britten

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