NEED HELP: linking an exe with windows lib files
Wed Apr 23 18:54:00 GMT 1997

Hi Jeff, you wrote:

: copy of crtdll.lib, or oldnames.lib, please run this script on it and post
: the resulting .def file back to the list or to Me ;^).

I tried it with oldnames.lib from MSVC40, using b17.1.
I've put all on a Samba served drive, started bash, cd'ed there, ran script
which blowed away the bash window too fast to read error messages, if any.
Copied all to local drive, got an almost empty def and a lot of "File format
not recognized" from nm about *.obj and *.obi (what are *.obi? Never seen!).
Got curious, started "bash oldnames.lib" from cmd window and
saw all the above messages for both remote and local drive.
Could this be a text/binary problem, because neither drive is "mounted"?

Bye, Heribert (
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