problem linking class String

Carl Nicol
Fri Apr 25 12:51:00 GMT 1997

I'm trying to build a program with class String from
and although the compiler finds the include file, it does not seem to be
able to link in the class members, giving the following messages:

C:\PROJECTS\why>g++ -o test
C:\TEMP/cc0010011.o(.text+0x1d6) undefined reference to
`String::String(char const *)'
C:\TEMP/cc0010011.o(.text+0x1e9) undefined reference to
`String::operator char const *(void
) const'
C:\TEMP/cc0010011.o(.text+0x214) undefined reference to

g++ reports version:

g++ --version

do I need to set another environmental string, or link in a specific

Thanks... Carl Nicol
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