g++ exception

Brian Beuning BrianB@atl.paysys
Fri Apr 25 15:21:00 GMT 1997

We are trying to compile our project with gnu-win32.  Most of the files
look like they will compile except one file which always causes the
compiler to die with lines like this:

(C:\cygnus\H-I386-CYGWIN32\lib\gcc-lib\i386-cygwin32/cygnus-2.7.2-961023/cc1plus.exe 1034) In cygwin_except_handler

The compiler does not print any other errors before these start coming out.
Also the above line repeats zillions of time.  If a zillion isn't specific enough,
we have let it write 500,000 bytes of these lines and then killed it.

I didn't see a reference to this message in the FAQ.  We got the source
but haven't found time to dig into it yet.  Anyway I heard mention of a beta 18
coming soon, if the above is considered a serious problem I will be happy
to send someone an input file (cpp output) that shows the problem.

Brian Beuning

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