Exporting __stdcall Procs without _ and @n

Eric Britten ebritten@ea.oac.uci.edu
Mon Apr 28 12:41:00 GMT 1997

In order to build a control panel applet I need to export the function
CPlApplet from a dll.  It is declared using the __stdcall convention.
However using gcc it is exported as CPlApplet@16, even if I use the -k
option for dlltool.  If I use lcc, it is exported as _CPlApplet@16.

In order for windows 95 to be able to use the applet it must have an
export with the name CPlApplet with no name mangling at all.  

I tried to use the following def file to change the way the export is


Dlltool returns an error about the = sign.  Lcc ignores it.  

Is there anyway to remove the _ and the @16 for the name of the exported
function so windows can find the function using GetProcAddress.


		Eric Britten

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