results from building cygwin from source

Brian Beuning BrianB@atl.paysys
Mon Apr 28 14:41:00 GMT 1997

For anyone else out there planning to build cygwin from
source, I thought I would share my experiences so you
wouldn't need to solve the same problems I did.

1. Do not unpack the cdksrc and usersrc packages in the
	same directory.  When I did this, tar(1) seems
	to append onto files with the same name that already
	exist.  So in may case I got a copy of the shell
	script move-if-change that had two copies of the
	shell code in one file.  It would always fail
	because the first copy would do the right thing and
	then the second copy of the script in the same file
	would always fail.

2. While configuring I got two errors.  I don't know if they
	are a problem or not.  Many subdirectories printed
	both of these messages
		configure: test: too many arguments
	and later
		sed: file conftest.subs: line 27: Unterminated 's' command

	I haven't tracked down the cause yet, but the build
	seemed to go OK.

3. The file bash-Makefile refers to yacc instead of byacc.
	My machine does not have yacc, so this failed.  I
	just edited the makefile to use byacc.

4. After building both cdksrc and usersrc, it used this much
	disk space:

	cdkobj		110 MB
	cdksrc		209 MB
	userobj		 21 MB
	usersrc		 53 MB
	total		393 MB

	This is on an NTFS partition, under a FAT partition it
	would probably be more.

5. After the build had finished there was a process called psize.aux
	running and using all the CPU time.  I assume it got hung up
	because its name includes the DOS reserved word AUX which the
	cygwin32 FAQ warns about.  The file psize.aux is used by
	bash/builtins/Makefile and bash/builtins/, but I
	don't know for sure these are where the process came from.

Thats all for now.  I haven't tried to run the newly built version
so there might be more.

Brian Beuning

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