link problems

James Paul Morgan
Tue Apr 29 19:17:00 GMT 1997

On Tue, 29 Apr 1997, Mark A Gregory wrote:

>/empire/emp4/lib/libcommands.a(laun.o)(.text+0x16f7):laun.c: undefined
>reference to `random' >
>/empire/emp4/lib/libcommands.a(new.o)(.text+0x3a5):new.c: undefined
>reference to `srandom' >
As far as I can tell, the gnu-win32 does not have the random and srandom 
functions.  It only has the rand and srand functions, which are not 
nearly as random.  I have had problems with moving software from an AIX 
system to my Win95 system becuase of this.  

I'd be interested if anyone out there could correct me and point out that
random() and srandom() are defined in Cygnus and where.  I spent some time
with grep going over the .h files, but could not find them. 

See ya around the Mulberry bush.



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