printing help from Win95, one more try

Ed Huott
Wed Apr 30 08:58:00 GMT 1997

In message < >, "Hiren Desai" w
>I am using Windows 95 and I want to print from dos prompt. We have a printer
>hooked up on the network.
> When I use enscript -2r -P\\HP_Network_Printers\(printer_name) test.c. 
>I get error saying \\HP_Network_Printers cannot be opened. I tried to copy a 
>file by giving following command "copy test.c \\HP_Network_Printers\(printer_n
>I get following message "The computer name specified in the network path
>cannot be located". 

On Win95, you might be better off re-directing one of your local LPTx:
ports using the `NET USE' command.  E.g.:

  C:\> net use lpt1: \\HP_Network_Printers\(printer_name)

Then you can copy or re-direct data bound for the printer directly to
the LPTx: device.  E.g.:

  C:\> enscript -2r test.c > lpt1:


  C:\> copy test.c lpt1:

depending on whether your printer expects to see PostScript or plain

Hope this helps.

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