RESULTS: newsgroup creation straw poll.
Tue Sep 1 17:58:00 GMT 1998

Hi Kevin, you wrote:

: On a last note, I don't think the volume of traffic on this list
: warrants the creation of more than a discussion group and an announce
: group, at the present time.

Yes. To keep the noise low, please avoid the ms-windows hierarchy and
only post an announcement there every week/month.

: One more issue comes to me, and that is the "32" suffix.  Perhaps it
: would be a good idea to drop the "32" from the newsgroup names?  Note
: that doesn't specify 16 or 32.  Perhaps it should be
: dropped for the "gnuwin" part, but kept for the "cygwin" part?

IMHO, NT going 64bit is already overdue. I'll "soon" need to malloc >2GB...

Bye, Heribert (
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