Thoughts on redistributing DLL's and such

Craig Setera
Wed Sep 2 01:16:00 GMT 1998

I'm considering putting binaries out on my GIMP for Win32 web site.  I have a
few concerns about this, one of which is the redistribution of various
prerequisites.  In the short term, I'm probably just going to provide a zip or
tar file with the binaries and some install instructions.  In this case, I can
just continue to point people to the appropriate precompiled required pieces.
I could also provide local copies of only the required binaries (such as the 2
X11 client library DLL's required, as opposed to the entire X11 binary).  When
(if?) I ever get an installable version of this done, I would certainly want to
include all of the prerequisites (except for the X-server itself).

This leaves me with a licensing/acknowledgement concern.  What is the usual
policy for acknowledging these pieces and is it generally considered ok to
bundle them?  The following are the prerequisites that I could see potentially

- The required X11 client libraries (R6.3 or R6.4) including X11.dll and
- The X11 locale files
- The GIF, PNG and JPEG library DLL's
- A copy of cygwin32.dll?? (Would allow me to know which version people are
using and that it works)

Any thoughts/concerns would be greatly appreciated.


Craig Setera
AS/400 Enterprise Java Development
IBM Rochester
(507) 253-3387 - Tie: 553-3387
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