Windows98 + inetutils

Wed Sep 2 01:16:00 GMT 1998


I'm not sure if any of this has passed through the list before, for I did
not see anything relative in any of the recent archives, but I have a few
questions on the inetutils package running under Windows98.

First things first, here's something that's really been annoying me, the
ftp client in inetutils is not functioning, here's what I get when I do
the following:

ether [1]:~# ftp
ftp: fdopen failed.

Does anybody have any suggestions on how to fix this problem?  I'm a heavy
user of console ftp, and the one provided by Windows does not seem to
enjoy running under bash too well.

Also, a few questions regarding inetd under Windows98; I've succesfully
compiled all of the required binaries (aka, inetd.exe, telnetd.exe, etc),
and can run inetd fine, but where exactly is it looking for a
configuration file?  If i simply create an /etc/inetd.conf will it look
here, or is it reading it from somewhere else?  I'm only wondering,
because running it stock, it loads all services, I'm wondering where
it's reading these services from.

Also, as far as remote logins are concerned (obviously it will be for mere
personal use) how is this controlled?  Can I simply just setup an
/etc/passwd, and /etc/group file, and when inetd is setup it will accept
logins using the passwd file?

Any information on any of this will be greatly appreciated -- I haven't
found any web resources for configuring inetd under Windows '98.



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