MD5Sum seriously broken in b19.1? (generates incorrect md5 hash values)

Ralf G. R. Bergs rabe@RWTH-Aachen.DE
Wed Sep 2 03:57:00 GMT 1998

Hi there,

I'm running NT 4.0 SP3, and I have some strange problems with md5sum.

>From a crypto class I know that it's practically impossible for two files to 
share the same MD5 hash, BUT I have lots of files with the same md5 sum. How 

I'm attaching two picture files (of a well-known lady named Pam Anderson ;-) 
that produce the same md5 sum under NT:

[m:\new\pix\pam anderson]md5sum -b pam1.jpg pam2.jpg
fefe0c8ca9ff2a739ef0e0910c135a1d *pam1.jpg
fefe0c8ca9ff2a739ef0e0910c135a1d *pam2.jpg

Under Linux I get different MD5 values:

Server:~$ md5sum -b pam1.jpg pam2.jpg 
d7d4d61579d749152a7903399f977dd1 *pam1.jpg
077362ac4360e94ad9e15cd622d84d7a *pam2.jpg

Note that I DID use "-b" for binary mode!

What's going on here? Could you *please* investigate this, since I need a 
solution ASAP.

Thanks very much for your time,


Ralf G. R. Bergs * Welkenrather Str. 100/102 * 52074 Aachen * Germany
+49-241-876892, +49-241-877776 (fax) *  * PGP ok!

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