GNU-Win32 DLL and MSVC++
Wed Sep 2 03:57:00 GMT 1998

>>> Mark Becker ( writes:
>>> How do I manage to link an egcs-(or gcc) built dll (here: libX11.dll)
>>> to a C++-mainprog (compiled with MSVC++-5.0) with the MSVC linker ?
>> jeffdb ( writes:
>> Bad news, this is impossible for several reasons.
>> 1. binary incompatibility between MS/CYGNUS pei libraries (currently
being worked on :)
>> 2. name mangeling/abi incompatibility between MS/gnu C++ (according to
the gnu G++ FAQ this is unresolvable
>>     since MS's abi is proprietary although I seem to recall having heard
that it is being worked on)
>> 3. dll startups for cygwin32 dlls need to initialize the cygwin32 posix
layer, which
>>     means using the cygwin32 mainCRTStartup, which you can't with
link.exe because AFAIK
>>    it can't manufacture the __data_start__ __text_start__ etc. symbols
in the proper places.

	These problems remain the same if you load the DLL with LoadLibrary?

	Thanks in advance,

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