B19 - NT: bison not finding bison.simple

Geoffrey Noer noer@cygnus.com
Thu Sep 3 02:56:00 GMT 1998

On Tue, Sep 01, 1998 at 03:56:23PM -0700, Ryan A. Mapes wrote:
> Not using the default install location ... instead,
> Cygnus install is on drive 'D:' under '/usr/local/'
> Error:
> bash-2.01$ bison -d  splay.y
> bison: /cygnus/b19/share/bison.simple: No such file or directory
> Work around:
> - copy bison.simple to expected location on c:\ drive
> (create directory  /cygnus/b19/share/bison.simple)

If someone wanted to volunteer and submit a patch to make bison look
for the share directory via a relative path instead of the precompiled
one, I'd appreciate it.  :-)

We've recently done a fair amount of work to make gcc work without
GCC_EXEC_PREFIX.  Something similar needs to happen for bison although
I suspect it'll be much easier in this case...

Geoffrey Noer
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