Q: X-Server Info

john_r_velman@mail.hac.com john_r_velman@mail.hac.com
Thu Sep 3 17:23:00 GMT 1998

My setup on my NT4 SP3 system as provided by my company includes Lan 
Workplace Pro (Novell), which includes an X-server.  Presumably, I can use 
this in support of all the X-client stuff available from dao.gsfc.nasa.gov.

My questions are:  (a) is this presumption true, and (b)if so, does anyone 
know how to go about setting things up so that the Novel xserver will use a 
windows manager from the dao distribution instead of from the Novell 
Distribution.  (The Novell on line help for 'advanced users' has 
description of a set of mouse clicks in Novell dialog boxes.)   I know 
little about X, but was able to set things up on my Linux system at home 
with the help of "Running Linux" and "How To"s spread out all over my desk 
and floor.

Any help or pointers to sources of info will be appreciated.


John Velman
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