B19: [HELP] Can I link cygwinb19.dll statically?

Adam Stoller stoller@micro.ti.com
Fri Sep 4 03:17:00 GMT 1998

I am not subscribed to this list (if such is even possible for mere
mortals such as I :-) - so please direct responses to me directly
(to/cc: stoller@micro.ti.com)

Please respond ASAP (i.e. I'm getting dirty looks from my Manager ...)


We have the Cygnus B19 distribution installed on our winnt boxes.  I
used 'gcc' to build some tools that we want to ship to customers.

In testing, we tried to run the tools on machines (winnt and win95) in
which the Cygnus distribution had NOT been installed.

This led to error messages about missing CYGWINB19.DLL

I've tried linking with -static and/or -Bstatic - but have not managed
to find anyway to get the cygwinb19.dll to instead be treated as a
non-dynamic [i.e. static] library.

(a) Is this possible to do?
(b) How?
(c) What kind of copy{right,left} problems would we be running into if
we shipped the dll with the tools (the easy but least liked solution)

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance provided.  Other than this,
the Cygnus distribution has saved me countless of hours!!


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