cmd.exe subshell
Fri Sep 4 12:20:00 GMT 1998

This may be in a FAQ somewhere, but I haven't fully researched the problem
and am rather time-constrained ...

I'm writing a makefile for GNU make that sets SHELL to /bin/sh, which ends
up being the Bourne shell (sh.exe) from Cygwin32 Beta 19 (the makefile has
to run under both Unix and NT).  I've been unable to get some Windows apps
to run under sh.exe, such as PVCS' get.exe - get.exe from the sh command
line just returns.  I thought I could run it under cmd.exe (to eliminate
any possible problems with running the PVCS apps under sh), but running
cmd.exe from sh prints a DOS prompt and quits.  Anyone have an idea why
those apps aren't running under sh.exe?

-- Michael J. Barillier

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