Linking against .lib libraries

Serge Torres
Fri Sep 4 12:46:00 GMT 1998


I'm trying to build a dll wich has a code written and compiled with cygwin32
and at the last stage has to be linked it a .lib library from Microsoft.

I need this combination to create a dll that implements new extended

I have manged to link to the library but I get a lot of warnings ("ignoring
duplicate  section `.text`" as mentioned, in a not very different context by
Berend Ozceri from Istanbul.

The dll is definetly unworkable, it will not be loaded by SQL SERVER and
when viewed under an hex editor will show a lot of source code included.

I think I've understood that .lib file format is not compatible with .a 

Is it ture ? Is it really impossible to link cygwin (egcs 2.0.1) generated
against .lib libraries ? Is it really hopeless ? I would not like to have
to move back to VC.


Serge Torres
Centre National de Documentation Pedagogique

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