Coolview/cygwinb19.dll/Win98 probs

Jonathan Storey
Fri Sep 4 18:44:00 GMT 1998

I have recently upgraded (?!) to Win98 and
the installation of vanilla b19 works fine, however
when I replace the cygwinb19.dll with any of the
newer versions incl. Sergey's coolview, bash 
displays the following:

bash -login :-
//.bash_profile: invalid argument

bash :-
//.bash_rc: invalid argument


//.bash_logout: invlalid argument
when exiting (logging out)

The tools etc. seem to still work fine
but I'd rather not see these messages,
I don't get this problem under Win95

Any Ideas? anyone, I've found no reference
to such a problem in the archives/mailing-lists.

Thanx In Advance

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