Q: X-Server Info

Michael Hirmke mh@mike.franken.de
Sun Sep 6 00:42:00 GMT 1998


>My setup on my NT4 SP3 system as provided by my company includes Lan
>Workplace Pro (Novell), which includes an X-server.  Presumably, I can use
>this in support of all the X-client stuff available from dao.gsfc.nasa.gov.
>My questions are:  (a) is this presumption true, and (b)if so, does anyone


>know how to go about setting things up so that the Novel xserver will use a
>windows manager from the dao distribution instead of from the Novell
>Distribution.  (The Novell on line help for 'advanced users' has
>description of a set of mouse clicks in Novell dialog boxes.)   I know

I strongly suspect, that you can't mix an X Server and a Window Manager
from two different products as you can easily do on Unix systems.
In many case X Server and Window Manager are in fact the same

>John Velman

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