Where to install gnu-win32...

Michael Hirmke mh@mike.franken.de
Sun Sep 6 00:42:00 GMT 1998


>The "man" & "info" directories are missing.
>Do you know where they can be found?

There are no man pages included in usertools and cdk.exe, so you have
to get usertools-man.tar.gz or cdk-man.tar.gz - besides that, you also
have to get man, ncurses, less, groff, ... from somewhere else.
They are all missing in the standard packages.

>In the command, "mount -b //d/usr /usr",
>what is the significance of "//", is it necessary?

//<lw>/ is the POSIX syntax for <lw>:/ - so it is really necessary for
POSIX aware programs.

>The only file in the etc directory is termcap.  Although
>mkpasswd.exe & mkgroup.exe, in /bin, display what
>appear to be valid info, the text files don't exist.

You have to use mkpasswd and mkgroup to *create* /etc/passwd and
/etc/group - they don't display the contents of these files, but
information from the NT SAM !

>How do I produce the /var/log & /var/run files.
>Should /var be directly under /usr, or in /etc?

It can be wherever you want, as long as you mount it to the correct
place, which is indeed /var.

>HOME is set to /usr, but the bash commands "cd", and
>"cd ../etc", and "ls ../etc" return ": permission denied".

HOME should be, wherever your private files reside - perhaps in
//z/<user> ?

>And. why is bash so slow?


>Thanks much for your help.
>Ronald Ali

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