EGCS-1.1 binary distribution for Cygwin32 b19 and mingw32

Peter Dalgaard BSA
Sun Sep 6 02:41:00 GMT 1998

Mumit Khan <> writes:

> I've just uploaded (patche) egcs-1.1 binaries for cygwin32 b19 and 
> mingw32. Note that I haven't had time to update the web pages, so 
> you're better off nagivating the ftp site directly.
> The mirrors should be picking all of this up in a day or two.
> I'm rather short of time, and packaged everything rather hastily.
> Hopefully no major bugs sneaked past.
>   egcs-1.1: The compilers for C, C++, ObjC and F77 plus runtime
>     libraries.
>   binutils-980830: The GNU binary utilities (assembler, linker,
>     windres, etc). Also included are an enhanced version of windres
>     (thanks to Anders Norlander) and dllwrap from dllhelpers v0.2.2.
>   Mingw runtime: Colin Peters' latest Mingw 980701 snapshot + plus 
>     local changes. MINGW32 ONLY.
>   Windows32api: Heavily modified windows32api 0.1.2. 50% of the patches
>     are from Colin, and 40% extracted from Cygnus, 10% misc. It's now
>     possible to build Tcl/Tk/Tix/BLT etc with mingw32. MINGW32 ONLY.
>   libg++-2.8.2: I've included HJ Lu's libg++-2.8.2-980828 release. This
>     is completely unsupported, but I'm including to avoid answering tons
>     of email regarding why it's not there.

...but no cross-compiler build instructions yet, I suppose? Do you
think that you could do us the favour to put a copy of each of all
those snapshots somewhere in the FTP tree?

(And of course: Thank you for your great work!)

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