EGCS-1.1 binary distribution for Cygwin32 b19 and mingw32

Mumit Khan
Sun Sep 6 08:30:00 GMT 1998

On 6 Sep 1998, Peter Dalgaard BSA wrote:

> ...but no cross-compiler build instructions yet, I suppose? Do you
> think that you could do us the favour to put a copy of each of all
> those snapshots somewhere in the FTP tree?

Just a matter of having the time. I'm planning to upload the binutils
diffs sometime over the weekend, and the rest you can get from the binary
distribution (eg., the headers and such). Please let me know if what
I need to make available other than the following (and that can't be
trivially extracted from the binary distributions):

  - diffs to egcs-1.1 source tree.
  - diffs to binutils-980830 tree (binutils-2.9.1 will work as well).

> (And of course: Thank you for your great work!)

You're most welcome.


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