EGCS-1.1 binary distribution for Cygwin32 b19 and mingw32

Mumit Khan
Sun Sep 6 16:43:00 GMT 1998

On 6 Sep 1998, Peter Dalgaard BSA wrote:

> The thing to consider is if you want the binutils-980830 tree *itself*
> somewhere on-site. Last time around you had a version based on a
> similar snapshot of Colins mingw32 files, but when I got around to
> trying the cross build, the snapshot had disappeared from Colins
> site... (no real harm done since one could just extract the headers
> and binaries from the native version)

The trouble is that I really can't upload binutils snapshots to a public
site (Ian?). The only reason I bundled a snapshot instead of 2.9.1 is to
avoid having to backport bunch of fixes for i386-pe. For 99% of the use
however, you can use 2.9.1 just fine. How about I backport the changes to
dlltool and windres relative to 2.9.1 and upload that instead?

As for mingw headers/libs, I never saw the point of uploading them
separately (no demand); I'll upload my copy of mingw headers and such
when I get the time (don't hold your breadth! I'm going on the road for
a few weeks, and have two conferences to prepare for).

> I.e. what I mean is that when you build on something that's not an
> official release, it may be a good idea to keep a copy of it around.
> Even when an improved version of it is subsequently released, it can
> be important to have a "known good" configuration which is supposed to
> patch cleanly and compile without error. On the other hand it
> obviously takes up space in your FTP area...

I have everything under CVS control, and it's usually quite simple to 
extract the changes relative to a particular release. Not that it's
always advisable (since there could other dependent changes).

I do understand what your point, and I'll need to figure out a way to 
get this settled without having to spend an inordinate amount of time,
which I just don't have.

> BTW: Is there an overview of new features in the new windres? The old
> one tended to fall a bit short on resources originating in Visual C.
> (The real trouble is that I don't really have time to play with it
> just now, unless I'm fairly sure there's a substantial gain in doing
> so.) 
> -- 

For my own work, I use .rc files that are trivial, so I can't tell how
much better it is. The testimonials however from beta testers say that
it's now as good as the one from Microsoft (I'm sure there are still rough
edges, but we'll tackle those as we find them). I'll forward all bug
reports to Anders Norlander, who's the author of the changes.

Looking at the source changes, the for major features, other than bug 
fixes, are:
  - read/write .res files
  - handle CONTROLs. 


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