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Christopher Faylor
Sun Sep 6 21:38:00 GMT 1998

On Mon, Sep 07, 1998 at 06:26:51AM +0200, Alexander Kriegisch wrote:
>Hi Christopher and others!
>I post this message to the list because I know the reason for the error,
>but not the cure, as I am not familiar with the use of majordomo.
>> I have no idea how to "fix" this with majordomo.  I'm not convinced
>> that this is actually an error with the mailing list as much as an
>> error in your mail software.
>Here is an extract from RFC 822. It contains the core rules for building
>a compliant message:
>--- snip ---
>field       =  field-name ":" [ field-body ] CRLF
>fields      =    dates                      ; Creation time,
>                 source                     ;  author id & one
>               1*destination                ;  address required
>                *optional-field             ;  others optional
>message     =  fields *( CRLF *text )       ; Everything after
>                                            ;  first null line
>                                            ;  is message body
>--- snap ---
>"Everything after first null line is message body" - see? The null line
>definitely has to be there, which means your mail composer creates -
>well, sorry - trash (from the point of view of a RFC-compliant mail

There is obviously a blank line following the mail header.  If there
wasn't then no one would be able to read mail from the mailing list.
We're using a standard sendmail package which understands this

Majordomo is adding a couple of lines at the end of the message.  Unless
I'm missing something, that's what the "problem" is.  This was a mime
error, as I recall, which is a completely different thing.

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