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I am new in using in CYGWIN32 and in the list.
But for me the install shield just work fine.
I am installing just the small package (I can't remember the name): this allows me to run schell scripts on Unix which is great (I don't do any compilation work).

I have installed it on severall machines running NT4 and it just worked fine. I have added a .bat script (which runs a bash script) to install 19.1 version (copy the dll) and create the tmp and bin directory and add symbolic link in the bin directory to get sh and bash (as precised in the FAQ).

I am pleased that I didn't have to do more works in modifying any script. I understand that I might not work on some machines.

Maybe a good solution, will be to still provide ths install shield programm AND as well, a manual installation as you described.

Good luck anyway,

 ---- you wrote: 
> I would like to second, third, and fourth the sentiments others have
> expressed here, that Cygnus ought to dump Installshield in favor of a zip
> file, a .reg file, and a README describing changes to make to scripts in
> case you install somewhere besides the default.
> A. The Installshield setup is *very fragile*. I have *never* successfully
> run it to completion. The only time it ever has completed, I stepped it over
> a fault in my debugger. And I did in fact have a clean temp directory. And
> just now, testing the usertools distribution, some other crazy bug crashes
> it.
> B. When it crashes, you have no recourse. There's no way to get inside the
> Installshield compressed files without their tools.
> C. It's *painfully* slow on NT. Long mysterious pauses of no activity. Why
> use a 16-bit installer for Win32 machines, anyway?
> Everyone using cygwin32 is capable of understanding what is needed to get
> the cygwin tree installed, but we can't workaround the Installshield
> "shield".
> Here's how the install should work:
> 1. Unzip the directory tree files. Put it in C:\cygnus\b19 or somewhere
> else.
> 2. If you put it in the default place, run the .reg file that describes the
> setup of HKCU\Software\Cygnus solutions\Cygwin.DLL setup\b15.0\mounts\...,
> and same for HKLM. To run it, just double click it. If we installed
> elsewhere in step 1, need to edit this file first. The README tells us how
> to do it.
> 3. If you installed somewhere else, also modify the cygnus.bat file
> accordingly. Again the README can describe the changes in a sentence.
> 4. Make an explorer shortcut to cygnus.bat.
> Thanks to the Cygnus guys for their well-intentioned efforts, but this
> procedure would be a lot more stable and easier than the current procedure!
> Hugh Winkler
> Scout Systems, Inc.
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