ClearCase don't like files created in bash
Mon Sep 7 05:24:00 GMT 1998

 ---- Earnie Boyd  wrote: 
> Here's my guess.  You have the cygwin mounts in binary mode and the
> ClearCase-PC tool is expecting to have \r\n and not just \n.  If this
> is the case then clearly (no pun intended) ClearCase-PC has the bug.
> wrote:
> >
> > Hello,
> > 
> > I have a problem while using ClearCase to control files created in
> > If I create a file within a bash session (let say typing "touch
>> polo.txt"). Then I can not copy the file to a ClearCase view (which is
>> controled by ClearCase).
> > I have got the following message:
> > ---------------------------
> > The system cannot find message for message number 0x13d
> > in message file for System.
> >               0 files copied.
> > ---------------------------
> > 

I don't think the problem comes from the \r\n compared to \n.  Indeed, even if the files are empty (e.g. creating  a file with touch), I still have the problem.

But it might come from the end of file caracter : CTRL-Z (DOS) or CTRL-D (Unix).

You told me that Cygwin is mounted in binary mode: I didn't mount anything. I only use my existing drives on NT. Should I mount something with some options to avoid these problems ?
I am going to try the ClearCase Unix mode if you think that is a file format issue.

BUT still I don't understand something, if the files were created with \r\n I should be able to see the difference in notepad. And I CAN NOT. Theses files ares editable in notepad and they have the genuine format.

PS: Is there a way to look at the contents of my file in hexa mode. And more precisely at end of file caracter ? I used to use debug for that but I don't know how to use it anymore.

Still looking,

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