Problem with chmod on WINNT

Earnie Boyd
Tue Sep 8 04:09:00 GMT 1998

---Alice Dubois <> wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Alice,

> I'm trying to use cygnus on WINNT but the chmod command doesn't work.
> I have certainly forgotten something but I don't know what.
> Help would be welcome.

If you are on a NTFS then add `ntea' for extended attributes to the
CYGWIN32 environment variable.  If your on FAT then you could still do
this but there is an extra file that will get created to store the
extened attributes that gets huge with time; so, I suggest that you
don't do it for FAT.  If you are trying to execute a script then bash
will execute it regardless of the execute bit set on in the `ls'.

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