"more" command

Michael Hirmke mh@mike.franken.de
Tue Sep 8 10:30:00 GMT 1998

Hi Bruce,

>Has anyone put together a "more" command?  I've been poking around, and can't
>find any source. 

Would "less" be sufficient ?


   - what is it?
     - Less is a pager program similar to more (1), but allows backward
       as well as forward movement within a file. Also, less does not
       have to read the entire input file before starting. It is also
       possible to start an editor at any time from this program.

   - system
     - Windows NT4 German / SP3

   - preliminaries
     - you first have to install *ncurses-4.1*
     - replace all "iprintf" in "output.c" with a different,
       but unique name, for example "less_iprintf"

   - configure
     - works without changes

   - make
     - works without changes

   - make install
     - works without changes

   - notes
     - works the same way for less-332
       (according to noer@cygnus.com  (Geoffrey Noer))

   - package availability
     - on ftp.franken.de
     - in /pub/win32/develop/gnuwin32/cygwin32/porters/Hirmke_Michael
     - as less-321-win32-bin.tar.gz
     - or less-321-win32-bin.zip

   - contributed by
     - mh@mike.franken.de (Michael Hirmke)

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