newbie win95 bash crash problem

John W. Mamer
Tue Sep 8 23:37:00 GMT 1998

   I've read through the FAQ's and the mail archives.  I've seen several people
mention this problem, but no solutions offered.  I installed B19.1 which
contains the latest bash.  Everything seems to run fine, I've compiled a bunch
of code using gcc, the commands seem to work predictably.  However, if I type
garbage at bash, after a few tries it hangs.  For example if I type "dc" at the
comand prompt instead of "cd" it will comeback "command not found"  and give me
a new prompt maybe 3 times in a row, and on the fourth time it hangs win95.
Sometimes it hangs on the first try, sometimes on the third, but always before
the 6th......

Any help would be appreciated.
John Mamer

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