configuring telnetd

Stipe Tolj
Wed Sep 9 02:55:00 GMT 1998

> I have a few minor problems with telnetd: first, it does not echo the
> commands on my SUN telnet. Second, how I can set bash properly, so it
> would read .bashrc from the home directory (my passwd file has the
> following line:

I'm using B19.2 & remote on a P166 Windows98 box.I don't have any problems in
telneting from several Sun Server1000 and Ultra 2 machines. Is telnetd
echoing on the Windows own telnet client?!

I had the same problem about bash to read the user specific .bashrc file. You
can't add any options to the passwd entry. So what I did was to patch the
login.c file a bit. One on the diffs is this one (this ain't the most elegant

 (void)signal(SIGALRM, SIG_DFL);
 (void)signal(SIGQUIT, SIG_DFL);
 (void)signal(SIGINT, SIG_DFL);
 (void)signal(SIGTSTP, SIG_IGN);

 tbuf[0] = '-';
 tbuf[1] = 'i';
#ifndef __CYGWIN32__
 strcpy(tbuf + 1, (p = rindex(pwd->pw_shell, '/')) ?
     p + 1 : pwd->pw_shell);
 sexeclp(hToken,pwd->pw_shell, tbuf, 0);
        execl(pwd->pw_shell, NULL);
 fprintf(stderr, "login: no shell: ");

So actualy I'm adding the -i option (inderactive ~/.bashrc reading from
specific login user)  to the exec call. This works. If there is anyone out
there having a more elegant way for Win95 and Win98 let me know. A remote FAQ
should be started anyway, since there are a lot of posting concerning the
remote package of Sergey.

> leonid::1000:513:Leonid Rokhinson://c/usr/leonid:/bin/bash

I recommend to change the //c/... entry to UNIX style, i.e. mount drive C: to
root / and use /usr/leonid.

Regards, Stipe.

Stipe Tolj <>
Cygwin32 Porting Project
Department of Economical Computer Science
University of Cologne, Germany

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