Support for malign-double?

Toshiyuki Nakata
Wed Sep 9 03:25:00 GMT 1998

I had written:
; ; I have one question on performance related issue.
; ; 
; ; Do you support -malign-double in mingwin-32 and gnuwin-32 (egcs-1.0.2)?
; ; 
; ; The reason is that I have been comparing the performance of a user's
; ; application on linux and Winnt and the interesting thing to note is that
; ; 
; ; They are comparable for integer performance but  linux performance is
; ; about 20% better for floating point intensive application.
; Sorry, it seems that this has been fixed for the egcs1.0.2 for gnuwin32 b19
; but not for egcs1.0.2 on  ming32.

With the newest version of egcs1.1.0 released quite recently by Mumit
(Thank you very much  Mumit), common blocks are aligned on an 8byte
boundary for Mingw32 as well. 
I got a 20% performance gain on some floating point programs. 

Best Regards
Toshiyuki Nakata

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