ftell fseek problem

Miphon miphon@geocities.com
Wed Sep 9 08:43:00 GMT 1998

In using a mkindx kinda file it doesn't seem to grab the correct start
spots so the out putfrom the text file is started in an incorrect spot
(am I making any sense yet?).
I'm not an acual programmer just someone who occasionally can do some
debugging and a little compiling here and there and this problem is
above me.  The mkindx file I am refering to comes with the PENNmush mush
package available at http://www.pennmush.org/ .
One of the programmers sent this to me if it helps.  I guess what I'm
asking is there a way to get ftell (and fseek) to work correctly?

could this problem be because in Win32, we get the
mkindx bigpos using ftell, but we store the entry's length
(bigpos - pos)? According to my unix man page for ftell, on
some non-Unix systems, the ftell return value can't really be
used arithmetically like that because it's not measured in 
bytes but in something else meaningful only to fseek.
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