make calls 'time' program bug

Jeff Deifik
Wed Sep 9 08:43:00 GMT 1998

I have a makefile that calls the time command.
for example:
time my_program

The way it used to work with an early copy of beta-19 was to
time how long it took to run my_program.

I have now downloaded the latest coolview, and uname -a reports:
WEASEL_IN_A_BOX:/d/j/util/test:510: uname -a
CYGWIN32_NT WEASEL_IN_A_BOX 4.0 19.3 i586 unknown

Now when I execute my makefile I get the following:
 (note sim is the real name of the program that I want to time,
  and WEASEL_IN_A_BOX is the name of my machine.)

WEASEL_IN_A_BOX:/d/j/util/test:513: make test_simx
rm -f simx*.out simx*.log
time //d/j/bin/sim -g -p -m=90 simx0.out simx0.log
The system cannot accept the time entered.
Enter the new time:

I would assume that the time command being run is the windows-nt version,
which tries to modify the system time, which isn't the unix-like time

When I run the command line from bash, it times the command my_program.

How do I fix this behavior?

I have copied sh.exe to /usr . All my files are mounted in binary-mode.

	Thanks in advance,
	Jeff Deifik

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