Window Managers under Windows

David H. Friedman
Wed Sep 9 13:15:00 GMT 1998

On Mon, 7 Sep 1998, Ilsundal <> wrote:

> I cannot seem to get another window manager running.  I get a generic"
> Cannot load, another WM is running;" I'm assuming this other WM that is
> running is infact Windows itself

Which X server are you using?

I use Exceed, a commercial X server that has two modes.  In one mode, X
apps appear as native windows.  In this mode Exceed acts as the WM, so
trying to start another results in an error.  In the other mode, Exceed
does not provide WM functions.  In this mode you can run another WM, but X
apps can only appear as child windows inside the Exceed parent window.

David H. Friedman

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