Loading gnu made DLL with MSVC

Juergen Bausa jba@lfpt.RWTH-Aachen.DE
Thu Sep 10 00:08:00 GMT 1998

This example may run, since the dll uses no functions from 'cygwinb19.dll'. 
However, if you need to use for example 'malloc' it will crash. This is the 
problem. And there seems to be no solution yet. Thus, the cygnus gcc can
only create trivial or proprietary dll's.


> From: Massimo CICCOTELLI <0994cicc@s1.cise.it>
> Subject: Loading gnu made DLL with MSVC
> To: gnu-win32@cygnus.com
> Hi all!!
> We are looking with great interest at the debate on how to make
> DLL with gcc which can be loaded by MSVC.
> Picking up from different mails on the argument and after some 
> trials, we managed to build up a simple DLL (with egcs-1.0.2-
> mingw32 by Mumit) which can correctly loaded in MSVC 5.0. 
> Here is how:

>------------------------------- testlib.c ----------------------------------------
>int intsum(int arg1, int arg2) { 
>   return arg1+arg2;
>------------------------------ end of testlib.c ------------------------------
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