Window Managers for cygwin32 [WAS: Window Managers + XFree under '98.]

Gary V. Vaughan
Thu Sep 10 05:21:00 GMT 1998

Joe Stewart wrote:
> [[snip]]
> Has anyone been able to compile and run any other non-standard window managers
> on gnu-win32 like KDE, Gnome or Afterstep?
> I've made an attempt at KDE but I'm running into problems before I even get
> there, trying to compile the Qt library it requires.
> Any other experiences out there?

Yup.  I have to work on an M$ OS at work, but have been trying to
recreate the L&F of my linux box from home which is Debian 2.0, w/
enlightenment && gnome.
Having burned several weeks of free time on this, things are starting to
come together... I now have an E-0.15 snapshot from 19980904 running
quite well (albeit v. slowly!) with cygwin32 on NT4.0SP3.

Before that I got WindowMaker 0.19 working... it has no where near as
many library dependencies as E, so was easier to port, but it seemed to
crash every 4 or 5 hours.

Before that, I was using someone elses port of AfterStep which I found
on the web.

I can post some details if anyone is interested.

	Gary V. Vaughan
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