Problems with Mercury

Earnie Boyd
Thu Sep 10 05:51:00 GMT 1998 wrote:
> Has anyone successfully compiled and installed Mercury lately?
> 5. Now the shell scripts run, but they eventually call 
> .../mercury_compile (which I changed to mercury_compile.exe - but that
> didn't make any difference in what follows).  Now I get the result:
> ---Quote:
> bash-2.01$ mmc cat.m
> ercury_compile.exe 1017) Exception: STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION
> ercury_compile.exe 1017) Dumping stack trace to
> bash-2.01$
> ---End Quote.
> The error messages come after some time, not instantly.
> Any suggestions?

STATUS_ACCESS_VIOLATION relates to SIGSEGV, meaning that you've
stepped outside the memory bounds of the program.

1) If the package has it's own memory allocation routines remove them
and use the mmalloc.a library supplied by the cygwin product.

2) If the compilations gave you warnings concerning pointers and
non-pointers, consider them errors and fix them.

3) If you pointer who has a value of NULL or zero is used as a
reference to a memory location you will get this error.

Good Luck,
-        \\||//

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