Trying to compile my own perl...

Jon Knight
Thu Sep 10 21:27:00 GMT 1998


On Tue, 8 Sep 1998, Bruce Lysik wrote:
> Has anyone succeeded in compiling perl lately, and if so, did you have to 
> do anything special?

I've been having a go with Perl 5.005_51.  On my win95 box at home with
cygwin B19.1, the build of Perl bombs out complaining about a lack of
va_start and va_end routines.  Bummer.  On a WinNT 4.0 workstation machine
at work I got further and got Perl to build.  It passed quite a lot, but
not all, of its tests.  I think that's to be expected because some of the
tests are for UNIX specific features of Perl.  The installation didn't
work too well even after following the Cygwin specific instructions and I
ended up having to install it by hand.  Still, simple scripts seem to work

Unfortunately my reason for wanting to build Perl from scratch on a Win32
platform was to then build the latest Perl Tk module.  This flopped big
time; despite Tk itself going cross platform and also older versions of
the Tk module being available with some of the binary Win32 Perl ports,
the latest Tk module's configuration started to complain early on about
not having X11 libraries handy.  When I hardcoded the Win32 detection flag
in Makefile.PL to true, the configuration got a bit further and then the
Perl interpreter dumped core.  Pooh.  Looks like I've got a bit more
hacking to do if I want to be on the bleeding edge... :-(

Tatty bye,


#!/usr/bin/perl -- -Whois++-client-in-6-lines-of-Perl -Beat-that-Z39.50! 
use IO::Socket;sub w{$f=shift;$a{$f}=1;($h,$p,$q)=split("/",$f);$s=
IO::Socket::INET->new(PeerAddr=>"$h:$p")||return;print $s "$q\r\n";while(<$s>)
{next if(/^%/);if(/^# SERVER-TO-ASK/){while(<$s>){$x=$1 if/Name: (.*)\r\n$/;$y
=$1 if/Port: (.*)\r\n$/;$f="$x/$y/$q";@j=(@j,$f)if(/^# END/&&!$a{$f})}}else{
print}}close($s)}@j=shift;while(@j){w(pop(@j))}# host/port/query

Version: 2.6.3i
Charset: noconv


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