MazEd (2)

Paul Garceau
Fri Sep 11 00:15:00 GMT 1998

Hi folks,

On 10 Sep 98, at 12:05, the Illustrious Leandro Bernsmuller wrote:

Paul G. wrote:
> 	Just compiled and linked the Maze Editor under Gnu-Win32 using 
> Software Rendering (forced).  When I run the 576k .exe, I receive an
> error stating that "program is too big for memory".
> 	Any suggestions or ideas?
> 	Thanks.

Leandro replied:
> I have some little experience in CygWin beta 19 and DirectX 5.
> On beta 19 I receive this error when compiling programs, too.
> But I don´t remember exactty in what case:
> or when I try to compile using Mingw (I do DirectX tests only
> using GnuWin32 without Mingw)
> or when I compile using DirectX A libs for b18.
> MazEd use resources? I have problems compiling windows 
> programs using some trypes of resources.


	Ok, this may be a problem with the gnu-win32 runtime.  Not sure, but 
am wanting to break it down so I can address what needs to be addressed.

	Other info:

	Maze Editor is a large (>100000 lines) C++ Application and is compiled 
(EGCS-1.0.2-Mingw32 & Cygwin32-b18 & b19) and sucessfully linked.  
Runtime generates the error.

	I can't speak for the amount of memory on Leandro's system, but on 
this one, ram is >40M.  I also can not address which system Leandro is 
using, the OS I am using is WinNT4.

	Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?


		Paul G.

Information Systems Consultant
NewDawn Productions
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