make calls 'time' program bug

Michael Hirmke
Fri Sep 11 00:15:00 GMT 1998

Hi Jeff,

>The system cannot accept the time entered.
>Enter the new time:
>I would assume that the time command being run is the windows-nt version,
>which tries to modify the system time, which isn't the unix-like time
>When I run the command line from bash, it times the command my_program.
>How do I fix this behavior?

Because "time" and "date" are commands, which are builtin into cmd.exe,
the only thing you can do is to redefine them with doskey.

I have a small batch, which contains the following commands:

doskey ddate=date
doskey setdate=%CYGWIN%\date $*
doskey date=%CYGWIN%\date "+%%A, %%d.%%m.%%Y"
doskey dtime=time
doskey time=%CYGWIN%\date "+%%H.%%M:%%S Uhr"
doskey dtype=type $*
doskey type=sh -c "type $*"

This changes the behaviour of the three builtin commands date, time and
type. Of course, for your purpose, it would be sufficient to just use
doskey dtime=time !

>	Thanks in advance,
>	Jeff Deifik

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