I/O redirection of binary data

Paul Wessel pal.wessel@geologi.uio.no
Fri Sep 11 06:17:00 GMT 1998

Hi gnu-win32 experts-

POSIX recommends that one could use the b(inary) modifier
in fopen for portability since the b has no effect on POSIX
systems but may be needed in, say, MS-DOS.  How can
I deal with this in redirection?  I often have a program do

program > data

and data is supposed to be binary but under gnu-win32 I noticed
that the file size is incorrect (it is larger probably due to CR/LFs?)
compared to POSIX systems.  This also causes problems when
trying to read the file with anotherprogram < data.
Are there any non-intrusive solutions?  WHen using stdout I am
not using fopen so I cannot easily use the binary flag...

Prof. Paul Wessel
Visiting Professor
Institute for Geologi
P.B. 1047 Blindern
N-0316 Oslo, Norway
+47 22857326

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