adding to libc

Geoffrey Noer
Fri Sep 11 06:26:00 GMT 1998

On Wed, Jul 29, 1998 at 04:33:17PM -0300, Michael Richardson wrote:
>   I noticed the absense of C bindings for snprintf/vsnprintf.

You're right -- they're not exported from cygwin32 and there isn't any
reason why they shouldn't be.  I will add them.

BTW, if you're submitting patches or volunteering to fix something in
Cygwin32, the cygwin32-developers list would be a better choice for
mail.  I try to be as responsive as possible to people who want to
contribute to the project; the volume of mail on the main list is
large enough that it's very easy to miss mail (what happened with your
message; sorry).


>   I've backed my patches out, and now it still fails. Perhaps I was
> dreaming when I thought it built before, or maybe I need to make distclean
> again or something? 

I'm not sure what caused the build errors you included.  I've never
gotten an error similar to them...

Geoffrey Noer
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