Where to get 19.3?

Geoffrey Noer noer@cygnus.com
Fri Sep 11 06:26:00 GMT 1998

On Thu, Sep 10, 1998 at 12:40:08PM +0200, Alexander Kriegisch wrote:
> I read some messages mentioning version 19.3. The newest version I could
> find was 19.1 (at ftp://ftp.cygnus.com/pub/gnu-win32/latest/ ). Is there
> another source for downloading the package? I want to try the latest
> version because I have problems starting bash when coolview is
> installed.

I've gotten quite a few questions asking "what's coolview"?  In a
nutshell, they are Sergey's builds of the development snapshots of
Cygwin32 that anyone can download in source form from the Cygnus ftp
server.  Sometimes they include some additional patches of his that
may or may not have been accepted into the mainline sources yet.

Sergey is one of our most valued contributors to Cygwin32.  By his
releasing updated versions (thanks!), we have been able to concentrate
on other tasks, like b20.  More news on that in a separate mail.  :-)

Geoffrey Noer
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