XTerm issues.

Charles G Waldman cgw@pgt.com
Fri Sep 11 18:58:00 GMT 1998

Ilsundal writes:
 > Hello, here are a few things I've run into with XTerm, and am wondering if
 > there are any solutions.
 > This is what's been bothering me the most -- when I am in an XTerm, if I
 > run any text application such as pico, edit.com, etc., the display for the
 > program goes to whatever cygnus bash session window I invoked the Xterm
 > from, or the cygnus bash session window I invoked my window manager from.
 > This is very annoying, and makes the use of XTerms quite useless.  

set CYGWIN32 = 'binmode tty' (at least)
I use 'binmode tty notitle ntea'
 > Another thing I was wondering was, is there any way to tell xterm which
 > type of shell to use?  I know that's a bit confusing, but here's what I'm
 > trying to do.  I made a copy of the cygnus.bat file, and called it
 > xterm.bat.  I replaced the last line "bash" with "xterm" and set my
 > display variables within the batch file.  XTerm pops up fine, although
 > there's nothing within it.  It's basically just a blank screen.  The
 > reason I want to do this, is so I can make an "xterm" icon on my desktop,
 > which gives me the ability to run xterms, without having to invoke a text
 > dos window, load cygnus, and then run an xterm.  That's just too much work
 > to be doing. :) 

xterm -e /usr/bin/bash

What I've done is to get rid of the 'cygnus.bat' file entirely and
just add the env. vars that get set there to the NT environment - if
you use NT do this through  "control panel/system/environment" and on
95/98 just use 'sysedit' to cram the settings into autoexec.bat.  Then 
you don't need cygnus.bat anymore.  You can make a desktop shortcut
that starts Xterm directly.  I have mine do:

xterm -sb -sl 300 -bg lightblue -fn 9x15 -e /usr/bin/bash

which makes me pretty happy.

You also will need an /etc/termcap that has a decent entry for XTerm.
Mine looks like this (copied from Linux):

# Entry for an xterm. Insert mode has been disabled.
vs|xterm|vs100|xterm terminal emulator (X Window System):\

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