Cygwin newbie questions

Steve Grubbs
Fri Sep 11 18:58:00 GMT 1998

I just got Cygwin32, and it's great. It's working exactly how I'd expect it for
the most part. The problem is the small things that aren't working really bug
me. I have a feeling these may be linked, and I was hoping someone more
knowledgable could help me here.

1) At my new job, I'm working under WinNT, but we use good ol' CVS for revision
control (archive is on a Unix box). I don't really know the source of the "cvs"
executable (our 2 main sysadmins just left within 2 weeks, so nobody I've asked
really knows where they came from). The problem is that it doesn't work under
cygwin. It works fine from a cmd prompt, but if I run it from cygwin, I get no
output. I don't get "command not found", I just get nothing. Any ideas what's up
with this?
BTW, I test this with safe cvs commands like "cvs -v", which should work even if
cvs settings were messed up.

2) One thought I had was to download cvs source and compile it under cygwin.
When I try to run "configure", though, I get "bash: ./configure: No such file or
directory". But configure IS there.... What's up with that? Does configure not
work? Do I just have to edit the Makefile myself?

3) FTP hangs from cygwin. I assume its calling the WinNT ftp. Does this just not
work? Do I need to get a different ftp for cygwin?

4) I've found some WWW pages with ports and stuff, but they don't seem to have a
lot. Anyone know of any hard-to-find pages with good stuff?


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