Hmmm, no make or imake?

Michael Weiser
Sat Sep 12 07:11:00 GMT 1998

Hello Joey Mukherjee, you wrote:
>I just installed egcs v1.1 and CygWin32 vb19.1 and I think all the libs I 
>needed; however, I seem to be missing make.  Is this available on a seperate 
There's a make included with cygwin32. If you want a NT-native make
you can download the one from Jan-Jaap's gcc-2.8.1-mingw32
distribution on .

>Also, is Imake and all the associated rules for Windows available somewhere?
Sorry, don't know.

>Lastly, I was under the impression that if I compiled a Motif program (with 
>Lesstif), I would get a native windows program which would use Windows as the 
>window manager.  Is this the case or do I need to install Xservers and the like?
Yes, you will need to install an XServer. There are two free
implementations, but I unfortunately don't have the URLs handy. These
XServers usually include a window manager that uses normal Windows
tschuess, Michael
Pampig muss es sein, pampig!
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