libkernel32a.lib (fwd)

Ben Elliston
Sat Sep 12 07:11:00 GMT 1998

I've just made a discovery tonight about the libkernel32.a stub library
that comes with Mingw32.  (At least the version I have, which is based on
EGCS 1.1).

It seems that this library may have been generated from a kernel32 DLL on
a non-Windows NT machine.  The reason I say this is that my user-space
library, libpthread32, uses the Win32 API function

It's well documented that the ``TryEnterCriticalSection'' API function is
not available on Win32s and Win95/98.  I don't know if that means that the
function doesn't exist in any library, or if the function should exist in 
a library, but be implemented to return some error code at runtime.  I
believe it is the latter.  In which case, can anyone explain why this
function is missing from the kernel32 stub library?

Thanks, Ben

Ben Elliston

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