defining _win32: was: I: gcc ... -U_WIN32 ... may cause problems

Michael Weiser
Sat Sep 12 19:39:00 GMT 1998

Hello Craig, you wrote:
>> I am the silly b* who started this thread.  I am, sort of, sorry I did :-)
>> To brig it back to the original intent or kill it, rather than start another, 
>We are no longer talking about just the stat call, and possibly stuff in the
>compiler headers, but more about the applications that are out there (that use
>the _WIN32 and unix defines without realizing they are not necessarily mutually
>We are looking for a solution such that we do not have to modify 3rd party
>source code to use them.
As I already wrote (and Michael IMHO meant in his posting) it doesn't
matter how and why and where _WIN32 is defined. The headers just have
to be changed to allow that one who doesn't need the Win32 API can
undefine _WIN32 without any hassles. Using this, one could simply add
-U_WIN32 or -D_WIN32 if he or she wants an unix-like or a native win32
application respectively.
bye, Michael
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