I: gcc ... -U_WIN32 ... may cause problems

Michael Czapski MCzapski@openplus.com.au
Sat Sep 12 19:56:00 GMT 1998

> Since the use of _WIN32 to conditionalize code for portibility started
> prior to the cygwin project, I ask that you pick a new macro, say
> _WIN32_API_, to use for your definition.  I shouldn't be forced to
> have to be concerned with breaking headers if I undefine _WIN32 as the
> original poster of this message had to do.
Hello People,
My biggest issue with the consequences of -U_WIN32 was the fact that the code 
compiled cleanly whether or not _WIN32 was defined.  It was at execution time 
that the trouble started.  Code compiled with _WIN32 defined worked just fine. 
The same code compiled with -U_WIN32 did not, access violated and provided no 
clues as to what went on that I with my limited experience could use to 
diagnose and correct the problem.  I would have, most likely, been looking at 
what I did wrong in my code, which would have been a wrong place to look :-)
Fortunately for me I had the code working on all 4 platforms I built for, I was 
fiddling with the GNUmakefile at the time, I remembered what I did AND I 
remembered that the code worked before I did -U_WIN32.  Just luck all the way 
In less favourable circumstances I would have likely wasted a great deal of 
time trying to fix my code, which was not broken, and eventually given up on 
building for Cygwin32 environment :-(.  That would not have been bad, merely 
inconvenient for me.  Others, which is why I posted the issue and the 
'workaround', may not be so lucky.

Cheers ...
Michael Czapski

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